ABIWHOLEFOODS is a family company supplying Immunovet Wheat Germ Extract from Birpharma and BIO FOOD supplements to the UK and EU. We only sell products we have either tested ourselves in our daily lives or that have working proof + such superb feedback and product testing that these products meet the exacting standards we set ourselves. Customer feedback is encouraged and any supplements you feel other customers and ourselves may benefit from please feel free to email us details and we will check through and possibly post details and/or try to stock for all.


There are many reasons people use wholefoods or supplements, it could be time-lack of appetite-fitness-illness-dieting etc... the fact remains that these products help to boost, support and regulate different aspects of yours and you pets bodies. We strongly believe in our products and are confident you will notice the difference in yourselves and your beloved animals.


We are new to wholefoods and health supplements but be assured   all products sold here will be recommended by current users of the product for their various benefits and as such we suggest you research the product thouroughly before commiting to a purchase as we DO NOT SELL CURES. We believe in our products and you can find links to read the information from the brands own websites. We will also be putting a Forum on the site so users and customers can have a say. This will be monitored.


There are several links to be found in the Wholefoods and supplements link area that will inform  you more about the various products we offer, again if we don't have it please contact us as we are always keen to promote a quality product.


Our reasons for starting this site were to encourage a healthier lifestyle, along the way one of my pets became ill and in searching desperately for a way to beat his immune system illness i came across a wonderful group of people and a new way of thinking about how we look after ourselves and our pets. This is when i was introduced to IMMUNOVET and Bio Foods- they have all the goodness in them a body misses out on daily. These are not glorified vitamins these are what they are. Immunovet BOOSTS and PROTECTS Immune function whilst Bio Super Food is an algae Encasing most of natures best remedies, making them available is a small step 'i believe' in improving our health over all.


In loving memory of Kerra and Sandy My Fur Babies.