Chia Seeds

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The chia seeds we supply are Milled for your convenience and have soil association accreditation for peace of mind.


Organic milled seeds are easier for the body to uptake and help disperse the carbs in your body slower so giving you a feeling of fullness for longer and still giving you vital goodness.


A teaspoon of milled chia seed has the same goodness as 1 egg but with NO cholesterol and NO sodium this is why athletes and bodybuilders use it.

It helps detox the body, support immune function and give a final energy boost when you would normally just be running out of steam.


Nutritional values

                      per 28g serving     per 100g serving


Energy                  337kj                   2248kj

Cholesterol                0g                         0g

Sodium                      0g                         0g

Fat, total                4.9g                     32.8g

Saturated               0.4g                       2.8g

Trans-fatty-acids      0 mg                      0 mg

Omega 3               3.1g                     20.8g

Omega 6               1.0g                       6.8g

Monounsaturated    0.3g                       2.4g

Protein                   2.6g                     17.2g

Carbohydrate,total  6.6g                        44g

Fibre                      5.3g                     35.8g

Calcium              131mg                    872mg

Phosphorus          139mg                    924mg

Magnesium            70mg                    468mg

Zinc                     1.1mg                     7.4mg

Potassium            134mg                    892mg

Iron                      7.3mg                   48.8mg

Niacin                  1.3mg                     8.4mg

Riboflavin            0.04mg                   0.24mg  

Thiamine               0.2mg                    1.44mg

Vitamin A              645i.u                    4300i.u

Copper                 0.4mg                    2.44mg

Manganese           0.9mg                     5.84mg

Molybdenum        0.03mg                      0.2mg

Boron                  0.13mg                    0.92mg


All specified values are averages and subject to international regulation.




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According to a review by the Natural Standard Research Collaboration in 2009, two independent studies of chia seed consumption showed no effect on weight loss. Historical records indicate no dangers from chia consumption, other than possible allergic reactions. Current research supports chia's reputation as an endurance tonic. Chia's protein lacks lysine, so you shouldn't make chia your only protein source.


Recommended Serving


Participants in recent chia studies consumed 25 g of chia daily, about 2.5 tbsp. of dry seed. One tbsp. of dry chia seed provides only 68 calories, but that spoonful of seed expands 900 percent after the soaked seeds produce gel. The extra volume of gel contributes to the filling effect of chia and slows the release of nutrients in the seeds. One cup of water mixed with 2 tbsp. of chia seeds and steeped for 20 minutes provides enough chia gel for a day, says Janis Ihrig of Natural Healthy Eating. Mix the gel with an equal volume of juice and sweeten to taste.



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Dr. Andrew Weil considers chia to be an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, even better than flax seed. According to a study published in 2005 in the journal "Nutrition Research," chia seed is the highest plant-based source of a-linolenic fatty acid. The researchers concluded that chia shows promise as an alternative to fish-based sources for vegetarians. According to researcher Dr. Wayne Coates, chia offers balanced omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Weil also reports that feeding chickens chia increases the omega-3 content of their eggs and meat, and feeding cows chia increases the omega-3 content of milk.

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