Immunovet for Horses

Immunovet for Horses


Immunovet is an all-natural feed material, produced using a microbiological fermentation process from herbal materials. The product has a complex biological effect. It has a significant content of macro and micro components, vitamins, amino acids, and unsaturated fatty acids. Using Immunovet can significantly lower the feeding and veterinary costs of horse keeping. How can you and your animals benefit from Immunovet?


General effects:

significant immune booster

significant antimicrobial effect

improving overall condition

improving quality of the hair and hooves

higher vitality

increasing performance

considered as non-doping


Breeder mares and stallions

better fertility rate

better semen quality


Suckling and weaned foal


fewer clinical illness, quicker reconvalescence from diseases


Race horses

less sensitivity to stress, calmer behavior

higher performance

less perspiration

lower lactic acid levels

faster regeneration


Application: Foal:  10 g/day/animal        Horse: 15 g/day/animal below 500 kg      20 g/day/animal above 500 kg



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