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   to be distributors of Immunovet in the UK


If you are interested in stocking Immunovet because you really care about animal nutrition we welcome your contact, please contact us directly as we are able to offer discounts to stockists with a low minimum order amount.


If you require a sample please contact us and ask,  if available we will happily send some out. (growing popularity reduces this amount however we try our hardest to make samples available upon request)


We are happy to supply Veterinary surgeries (Holistic and Conventional) Pet Shops, Grooming Parlours, Breeders,  Boarding Kennels.


A Fully ISO compliant product. All Natural. No Genetically Modified

            Organisms meaning no side effects


We encourage and look forward to hearing from you.









Hi it's Simon from Abiwholefoods, this is just a note to let you know about my Ethos, one of Good Health and Honest Well Made products being offered affordably and with a high level of nutrition available with NO NASTIES AT ALL.


I truly believe as do all of Abi's customers that Immunovet, our main product should be part of an animals life like a healthy diet and loving home.

I care about your pets and you as customers,  I like to think on a personal level, heart wrenching as it can be when helping those with sick animals it mostly has fabulous times due to the enrichment Immunovet offers. I am happy to work alongside your veterinary proffesionals and our customers to gain the BEST care and results possible.


Immunovet is not well documented by vets in the UK yet, several brilliant anecdotal occurences have already happened and are continuing as you read this. Something so natural as WheatGerm Extract stabalised with modern science brings us what science and nature should be doing all the time in my opinion. AMAZING PRODUCTS THAT WORK


With PubMed Docs and 100's of tests proof of FWGE efficacy we believe in the quality and enrichment achievable with Immunovet.


You can be assured I have your pets best interest at heart first as you should expect!

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Now available at

The Natural Medicine Centre

11 Southgate Road

Potters Bar


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